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Michael L. Allen B.S., M.S., R.S.

Ingham County Health Department

Lansing, MI 48910


Michael L. Allen B.S., M.S., R.S. received both BS and MS from Michigan State University, Medical Technology and Biochemistry. Mr. Allen’s previous employment and studies were at Michigan State University Pesticide and Plant Pathology Laboratories; biomechanics of pesticide uptake and distribution.


Currently he is the toxicologist and environmental epidemiologist for Ingham County Health Department, responsible for toxicological profiles and investigations, oversight of contamination sites, and all indoor air or residential exposure programs.


He is a member of the Society for Risk Analysis, the Michigan Society of Toxicology, and the Michigan Society for Infection Control. He is a founding member of the Michigan Association of Housing Officials. He is a regular speaker throughout the state on a variety of topics including toxic exposures and indoor air.

Leadership Development Opportunities

This project has allowed me the opportunity to participate at a state wide level in analyzing options for and developing a regulatory approach to an environmental issue which presents unique concerns. It has allowed me to take the lead in developing new partnerships between environmental health and groups such as housing officials and landlords. I have been encouraged to run for (and will submit my application in April 2007 to) the Michigan Association of Housing Officials (MAHO) Board, to bring the public and environmental health perspective to the association. In both these aspects I have been able to work from the very foundation of this problem. This has allowed me to research and become familiar with the economic and social aspects of residential contamination.