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Laura Reichhardt, B.S.H.S. 

Arizona Department of Health Services

Tucson, AZ 85711



Laura Reichhardt received a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences from the University Of Arizona Zuckerman College Of Public Health in 2006, graduating outstanding senior and with honors and focusing on border health, violence against women and diabetes intervention.  Upon graduating, she joined the Arizona Department of Health Services as Outreach Coordinator for the United-States Mexico Border Health Commission; Arizona Delegation.  Ms. Reichhardt coordinates outreach activity and networking and workforce development opportunities in collaboration with organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. 

Leadership Development Opportunities

I was presented the opportunity to attend the EPHLI through the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission to develop a project for their lead initiative, which aims to reduce the border unique lead exposures to children.  Throughout the year, attending trainings, conversing with other fellows, and participating in group-work, I learned more about my style of group collaboration, weaknesses, strengths, and personality than I ever could have expected.  Additionally, I am finding my voice and place in the organization I work, and am leveraging my strengths to help enforce the organization and my own mission.  Mid-way through the program, I received the opportunity to support the University Of Arizona College Of Public Health in developing a new leadership program specific for border health professionals.  As new opportunities arise, I look forward to using the tools EPHLI has given me, and sharing them with others.