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National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring Systems, 2002

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National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring Systems
Annual Scientific Meeting

General Meeting

  • November 19-22, 2002
  • Hilton Head, SC

Angulo F, Gupta A, Stevenson J, Crowe C, McClellan J, Barrett T, Whichard J, and the NARMS Working Group CDC, Atlanta, GA. Emergence of Newport 9+, A Highly Resistant Strain of Salmonella Newport in the United States.

Baker N, Angulo F, Joyce K, Stevenson J, McClellan J, Whichard J, Gay K, Barrett T, and the NARMS Working Group. Ciprofloxacin and Ceftriaxone Resistance among Human Non-Thphoidal Salmonella in the United States; 1996-2001.

Bird M, Whichard J, Ribot E, Stevenson J, Ahmed R, Barrett T. Assessing the Emergence of a Multidrug Resistant Salmonella Serotype Newport Using PFGE and Plasmid Profiling (1996-2000).

Chiller T, McClellan J, Rossiter S, Stevenson J, Gay K, Joyce K, Lewis K, Angulo F and the EIP Enterococci Working Group. Antimcrobial Resistance of Enterococci Isolated from Outpatient Stools in the United States, 1998-2001.

Drake A, McClellan J, Joyce K, Barrett T, Angulo F, and NARMS Enterococci Working Group. High-Level Gentamicin-Resistant Enterococci and Quinupristin/Dalfopristin-Resistant E. Faecium from Ground Pork Purchased from Grocery Stores.

Gay K, Orosco N, Wheeler D, DebRoy C, Barrett T and Anderson A. Quinolone Resistance of E.coli from Clinical Chicken Specimens, 1981-2000.

McClellan J, Reller M, Joyce K, Polyak C, Mintz E, Angulo F, and the NARMS Working Group CDC, Atlanta, GA. Emerging Resistance to Quinolones Among Salmonella Typhi Isolates in the United States, 1999-2001.

Nunnery J and Angulo, F. Appropriate use of Antimicrobials: A Veterinary Curriculum.

Stevenson J, White D, Torpey III D, Craig A, Smith K, Park M, Pascucilla M, Anderson A, and the FoodNet / NARMS Working Group. Enhanced Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistance among Enteric Bacterial: FoodNet/Narms Retail Food Study.

Whichard J, Joyce K, Fey P, McClellan J, Angulo F, Barrett T and the NARMS Working Group. Expanded-Spectrum ß-Lactam Resistance Among Human Clinical Enterobacteriaceae in the United States: Results and Characterization of 2000 NARMS Surveillance.


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