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Pharyngitis in Louisiana

Download "Pharyngitis in Louisiana"

The “Pharyngitis in Louisiana” case study requires just over 5 MB of disk space once installed on your computer's hard drive. Before downloading the case study, you should create a new directory (folder) on your computer. (We recommend a directory [folder] named CB3050). Click here to download pharyngi.exe (1.8 MB) to this new directory (folder). Run pharyngi.exe to extract the CBT program files onto the CB3050 directory (folder). You can then delete the pharyngi.exe file.


Your CB3050 directory (folder) should now contain 27 files. To run the CBT, run the start.bat file. The User Guide is available in the text file, guide.txt. An icon is available for this program in the icon file, pharyn.ico.


  • Create your new directory (folder) before you download.
  • Be sure to put the file(s) into your new directory (folder) before you begin the extraction ("unpacking") process.

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Click on the "Email Us" link to the right at any time to offer your feedback. Let us know how you used the case study and if it met your training needs.

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