Test Phase

The primary purpose of the Test Phase is to determine whether the automated system/application software or other IT solution developed or acquired and preliminarily tested during the Development Phase is ready for implementation. During the Test Phase, formally controlled and focused testing is performed to uncover errors and bugs in the IT solution that need to be resolved. There are a number of specific validation tests that are performed during the Test Phase (e.g., requirements validation, system integration, interface, regression, security, performance, stress, usability, and user acceptance). Additional tests may be conducted to validate documentation, training, contingency plans, disaster recovery, and installation depending upon the specific circumstances of the project. The Test Phase ends with a review to determine readiness to proceed to the Implementation Phase.

Project Manager: The Project Manager is responsible and accountable for the successful execution of the Test Phase. The Project Manager is responsible for leading the Integrated Project Team that accomplishes the Test Phase activities and deliverables.

Test and Evaluation Team: The Test and Evaluation Team is responsible for Business Product testing and documentation of test results.

Users: Selected users may be required to participate in testing.

Critical Partners: The Critical Partners review test procedures and outcomes in their areas.

The following tasks are completed during the Test Phase:

During the Test Phase, the project team also develops the final version of the Implementation Plan that describes how the business product will be installed, deployed, and transitioned to the operational environment.

Exit Criteria
Objective: To determine if the test processes have been executed according to plan and whether the tests verify that the implementation of the Business Product will be successful.

Phase Specific Exit Criteria:

Generic Exit Criteria:

Project Review
The Implementation Readiness Review (IRR) is conducted at the end of the Test Phase. The IRR is conducted to ensure that the IT solution or automated system/application that has been developed is ready for implementation activities, such that the required system hardware, networking and telecommunications equipment; COTS, GOTS, and/or custom-developed software; and database(s) can be installed and configured in the production environment(s).

Stage Gate Review
The Test Stage Gate Review evaluates whether the project should proceed to the Implementation Phase.