Increasing Adult Vaccination Rates What Works
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CDC's National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System collected data on physician-diagnosed cases of tetanus. During 1998-2000, an average of 43 cases of tetanus was reported annually; the average annual incidence was 0.16 cases/million population. The highest average annual incidence of reported tetanus was among persons aged 60 years and older (0.35 cases/million population), persons of Hispanic ethnicity (0.37 cases/million population), and older adults known to have diabetes (0.70 cases/million population).

The majority of tetanus cases occurred among persons inadequately vaccinated or with unknown vaccination history who sustained an acute injury. Adults aged 60 years and older were at highest risk for tetanus and tetanus-related death.

Source: "Tetanus Surveillance--United States, 1998-2000, MMWR Surveillance Summaries," MMWR, June 20, 2003, Vol. 52, No. SS-3. To obtain a copy of the surveillance summary, go to:


Source: Data from the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System, CDC, Atlanta, GA.

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