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Organization of Work
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Work Organization

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Department of Veterans Affairs VHA All Employee Survey

Content Area(s)

  • Benefits and compensation systems
  • Career trajectory / ladder
  • Decision making processes
  • Innovation
  • Job content
  • Job control
  • Job demands (or expectations)
  • Job satisfaction
  • Labor relations
  • Management of health and safety
  • Management style
  • Organizational culture or climate
  • Performance monitoring / incentives
  • Resources (e.g.; infrastructure)
  • Social supports / relations
  • Change management
  • Role strain (or uncertainty)
  • Work-family [im]balance
  • Diversity acceptance

Instrument Type


Occupation and Sector Specificity

Occupation(s):    Generic
Sector(s):    Generic

Name and Size of Work Organization and/or Workplace Psychosocial Measures

MeasureSize (# items)
Amount of work satisfaction 1
Bureaucratic culture 4
Conflict resolution 1
Cooperation 2
Co-worker satisfaction 1
Co-worker support 2
Customer satisfaction 1
Customer service 2
Direct supervision satisfaction 1
Diversity acceptance 3
Employee development 1
Entrepreneurial culture 4
Group culture 3
Innovation 1
Job control 1
Job demands 1
Leadership 2
Opportunities for promotion 1
Pay satisfaction 1
Planning/evaluation 1
Praise satisfaction 1
Quality of work satisfaction 1
Rational culture 3
Resources 3
Retention 1
Rewards 3
Safety 1
Senior management satisfaction 1
Supervisory support 1
Type of work satisfaction 1
Work-family balance 1
Working conditions 1

Other Content Areas Included in the Instrument

Type or Name of Measure   Number of
Overall satisfaction (1-item), overall satisfaction compared with 2 years ago (1-item). 2

Developmental Status of the Instrument

Development completed; one or more evaluations completed


Original:    English
Other:     No

Reliability and Validity Information (or Relevant Citation)

Reliability: Coefficient alpha: 0.80 to 0.89. Validity: Correlated with job-related outcome measures.

Selected Reference

None Available
Accessibility of the Instrument
Public Domain
  User Fees

Where to Obtain a Copy of the Instrument

Scale items can be obtained at the web site address noted above.
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